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3 things I covet for but will never get this Spring 2009

1. The Balmain Military Jacket. Price: US$11, 410.
It was seen on Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna. The padded shoulder of the jacket sharpens and accentuates the silhouette and since it draws attention to the upper part of the body. I prefer the version in lighter color, making the entire look less harsh.

2. DKNY Sneaker heels. Price: Approx S$400
I always preferred street wear over high fashion. If I had the choice, I would wear sneakers to work everyday. I can’t, and if I could have something like that, I’ll be able to wear sneakers everyday and still look acceptable. This first caught my eye in a magazine fashion spread. Before I knew it, it was also in every other local fashion magazine.
I just saw two pairs of these at the DKNY counter at Isetan Scotts a few hours ago. One of it is in colorful print (the first pair in the series of four above) Lurve!!

3. Long flowing hair. Price: Don’t Know..
See the image of the girl in band FIR above.. That’s the hair I want for the longest time….. but my ends are so dried its almost impossible to happen by end of this year. Hair stylists are usually in disgust when they see my hair, a massive mop of split ends.